Welcome to twentymilliseconds.com (also referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”, “Company”, “Website”). This page features the basis of an agreement between us as the Company and you, our user. We strongly recommend you read this section before you sign up as it explains our rules and conditions upon which you access our services. If you can’t agree with our Terms or don’t understand the provisions below, don’t start using twentymilliseconds.com.

Important Notice: if you start using twentymilliseconds.com, it means that you’ve agreed to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

1. Access

Our services are not designed for residents of foreign states. To submit your request with our platform, you need to be a resident of the United States with a regular income.

Our website is also intended to be used only by people aged 18 or older.

2. Our services

twentymilliseconds.com renders connecting services. That means that we help you and a potential lender to find each other online. This is our scope of activity. We are not a lender ourselves, do not broker loans, approve requests or promote services of particular financial services providers. The decision of using our platform is only yours to take: we do not bind you over submitting your personal details through this website, making requests or e-signing loan agreements. We also place an emphasis on the fact that personal loans are intended to cover unexpected costs and cannot be used as a measure of relief of a major financial distress.

We aren’t engaged in your communications with your lender and hold no information about your loan offers and agreements. Therefore, we have no responsibility over the deals you have with your lender; over the way you communicate with each other; over any possible costs and damages that may occur as an outcome of your communication with a lender.

By registering with us, you admit that you’ve given your agreement to our Terms of Use; that you know that we require some personal details of yours for an application form; that we may share it with authorized third parties; that we may send you some promotional materials about products and services that may kindle your interest, both from us and authorized third parties that you shall use this platform for the purpose specified; that you shall comply with the present Terms of Use and the US law.

Warning: when you qualify for a loan, you should be aware of the fact that some lenders would like to check your eligibility by turning to credit reporting bureaus. Such a check may have an impact on your credit score.

3. Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy explains how we manage the data we collect. Please review our page for Privacy Policy before you sign up. If you can’t agree with our Terms or don’t understand the provisions below, don’t start using twentymilliseconds.com. If you start using twentymilliseconds.com, it means that you’ve agreed to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

4. Ownership

Our website, its logo, trademark, software, content and other materials belong to our Company exclusively under the copyright laws of the US. Accessing our platform doesn’t give you intellectual property rights to our materials. Any reproduction, sale, copy or other misuse of twentymilliseconds.com without our written permission will be qualified as a violation of our rights. We will act in full compliance with the law while protecting our rights and taking appropriate measures.

5. Marketing practices

Upon your registration with us you consent to receive promotional materials from us, participating lenders and other third parties we may share your information with (if you want to learn more about our data management principles, please, visit the page for Privacy Policy). You are aware that we and they may send you information about their products and services by mail, email, phone, cell phone and other contacts you’ve provided us with. Please note that we reserve the right to reach out to you even if your numbers are placed in Do-Not-Call Lists of any kind.

If you aren’t interested in receiving promotional materials from us, let us know about your wish to opt-out using our Unsubscribe page.

Please note, that we are not responsible for the content of materials sent to you by third parties. You will also have to address them directly if you’d like to opt-out from them.

6. External links

The website may contain links to other online resources that do not fall under the provisions of this Privacy Policy. We provide these links only as additional information sources and do not have any control over those website and their owners. You follow these links at your own risk. We recommend that you read the pages for Privacy Policy of these websites before proceeding to browse their other sections.

7. Dealings with third parties

You are under no obligation to take up any loan offers. All the dealings you have with any third parties are your liability, and we shall not be held accountable for them.

8. E-Consent

E-Consent is an electronic signature of yours. By clicking links like “Submit”, “I Agree”, “E-Sign”, “Consent”, etc. you give your electronic signature. You also consent that you are able to communicate with us and third parties electronically.

9. Changes

We reserve the right to change and update this section and also to remove some parts of it, if we find it necessary. We also can do it without notice. For this reason we strongly encourage our users to revisit the page for Terms of Use from time to time.

If some changes occur, we may notify you about them by sending a letter by email or posting an announcement on our website.

10. Severability

If it happens that we are not able to fulfill one provisions of these Terms of Use, other provisions will not lose their validity. If some part of the Terms of Use doesn’t comply with the current legislation, it will be removed or replaced. In this case of events other provisions will also not lose their validity.

11. Disputes and class action waiver


12. Indemnification

By using twentymilliseconds.com, you consent to indemnify twentymilliseconds.com, its personnel, agents, bankers, parental company, subsidiaries and affiliates.

13. Violations

If we notice that you’ve violated one of the provisions of these Terms of Use or do not abide by the US legislation, we have the right to do terminate your account without any prior notification and delete any details you’ve managed to submit through twentymilliseconds.com.

14. Contacts

In case you have questions regarding these Terms of Use, send us an email using our contacts.

Please, do not access our website if you disagree with the Terms of Use or do not understand some of their provisions.