Privacy Policy (also referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”, “Company”, “Website”) treats your right to privacy with respect and fully understands the online vulnerability of data. In order to clear up our data management rules, we adopted the present Privacy Policy that explains how we handle your personal information.

We encourage you to be scrupulous about reading this section as it contains vital information regarding your rights and liabilities while using our website.

Please note, that this website is intended for legal residents of the United States with a steady source of income. If you don’t have a residence permit or citizenship of the United States, or you are less than 18 years old, don’t use our platform. We also ask you not to submit requests if you disagree with this Privacy Policy or our Terms. If you keep using our website it automatically means that you content to both Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

1. Type of data collected

We collect two types of data from you. The first one is “Personally Identifiable Information”, data that can be used to identify a person. The second one is “non-Personally Identifiable Information”, the data that doesn’t reveal anything about you as an individual.

Personally Identifiable Information

We pick up this information when you fill in our application form to send a request. We ask you to submit only those details that are necessary to connect you with lenders. Among these details are:

  • Your name and surname;
  • Date of birth;
  • Residential address and ZIP code;
  • Phone numbers (cell ones including);
  • Driver’s license;
  • SSN;
  • Income;
  • Information about your job and employer;
  • Banking account;
  • Details of your credit history,
  • Military status and etc.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

We gather these data when you browse our website with the help of cookies (a small piece of data stored on the user’s computer), web beacons (a technique in the form of a tiny image that helps to track the behavior of website visitors) or through a tracking system by a third party. Among these details are:

  • Your browser and the language you use in it;
  • Internet provider;
  • IP address;
  • Browsing session periods;
  • Number of clicks;
  • Hyperlinks you clicked and etc.

2. Data collection by third parties

It is possible that we give permission to our partners, lenders and other third parties we cooperate with to place their advertisements on our website. In this case these third parties may use some tracking technologies to collect your data in case you view their advertisements or click them.

We don’t share your Personally Identifiable Information with these third parties.

3. Usage and sharing of Personally Identifiable Information

Submission of your Personally Identifiable Information is a part of the application process. We require it to set up a connection with third parties that process your request. That means that we may share these data with a lender who participates as a financial service provider on our platform so that he or she can react to your request.

We may also use your Personally Identifiable Information to eliminate the fraud possibility; to protect our rights or rights of other individuals; to comply with the law if required; to provide you with client support; to send you promotional materials from us or other authorized third parties concerning products and services that may be interesting to you; to display advertisements adjusted to your interests; to enhance our platform and its services by analyzing users’ behavior on the website and for other purposes you agreed to.

In case our business or a part of it is acquired by a third party, or merges with another company, or acquires itself another company, we have the right to share your personal information with them.

4. Usage and sharing of Non-Personally Identifiable Information

We collect this type of data when you visit our website and scroll through its pages. We pick up this information anyway, regardless of your choice to register or not to register with us. We may use and share your Non-Personally Identifiable Information with authorized third parties to enhance our technical and client support, analyze behavior of users of this website and collecting information relevant for the web statistics to run our everyday business.

5. Credit inquiries

After you submit your personal information through our platform, lenders we work with review your application. To check your details (for example, your SSN and driver’s license), some of them may contact credit reporting agencies with an inquiry. This inquiry may affect your credit score by decreasing it. By submitting your personal data and applying with a loan request, you admit that you know about this possible consequence.

6. Marketing practices

Upon your registration with us you consent to receive promotional materials from us, participating lenders and other third parties we may share your information with. You are aware that we and they may send you information about their products and services by mail, email, phone, cell phone and other contacts you’ve provided us with. Please note that we reserve the right to reach out to you even if your numbers are placed in Do-Not-Call Lists of any kind.

If you aren’t interested in receiving promotional materials from us, let us know about your wish to opt-out using our Unsubscribe page.

Please note, that we are not responsible for the content of materials sent to you by third parties. You will also have to address them directly if you’d like to opt-out from them.

7. External links

The website may contain links to other online resources that do not fall under the provisions of this Privacy Policy. We provide these links only as additional information sources and do not have any control over those website and their owners. You follow these links at your own risk. We recommend that you read the pages for Privacy Policy of these websites before proceeding to browse their other sections.

8. Security measures

Understanding the present-day challenges of personal information protection, we’ve put into service advanced security means that shield your data from unauthorized access. We use only those security systems that comply with the law.

The access to your personal details is limited, and only authorized persons may have it. Even these persons may use your information only for business purposes permitted by law.

However, we must point out that no website, source or information is entirely safe in the Internet, and for this reason we cannot guarantee complete protection for any data.

9. Access restrictions

Our services are not designed for residents of foreign states. To submit your request with our platform, you need to be a resident of the United States with a regular income.

Our website is also intended to be used only by people aged 18 or older. We do not collect information from children knownlingly. If we discover that a minor used our service, we’ll take all the necessary steps to remove his or her information from the website.

If you a parent or a guardian of a child that got access to our website, please, contact us.

10. Changes

We reserve the right to change and update this section and also to remove some parts of it, if we find it necessary. We also can do it without notice. For this reason we strongly encourage our users to revisit the page for Privacy Policy from time to time.

If some changes occur, we may notify you about them by sending a letter by email or posting an announcement on our website.

11. Inquiries about Personally Identifiable Information

Users of our website may change their Personally Identifiable Information when necessary. We also comply with requests to delete personal data from our platform. If you’d like to discuss removal of your details, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

However, we need to point out that in some cases we may turn down such requests if law requires us to do so.

12. Contacts

In case you have questions regarding this Privacy Policy, send us an email using our contacts.

Please, do not access our website if you disagree with the Privacy Policy or do not understand some of its provisions.