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Post Office Loans for Employees

Post office loans for employees are a great option for those working in the industry to improve their financial position.

They can count on personal loans, which are unsecured.

It means that in this case, the borrower’s creditworthiness is more crucial than a car, property or anything else used as collateral.

Post Office Loans for Employees

Key Features

Such loans can be taken for 1-3 years if the employee needs $1,300-$4,000.

The 5-year period suggests taking up to $4,000-$20,000.

As for the 7-year period, here post office staff members can count on $20,000-$32,000.

While rates on post office allotment loans are fairly competitive, a post office employee may fail to receive the advertised APR.

It’s because in this case, a rate is built around such factors as his or her expenditures, credit score, and income.

Allotment Loans for Mail Carriers: Am I eligible for it?

The borrower can apply for this financial product if he meets the following requirements:

  • A good credit rating;
  • Aged 21-70;
  • An annual income of at least $15,000.

How to Apply for Post Office Loan

If the borrower has made up his mind that such a loan is that solution he needs to change his financial situation for the better, then it’s up to him to ensure he has the following data at hand:

  • His current income as well as details of his monthly outgoings;
  • The sort code as well as account number of his building society or bank account;
  • His address for the last three years.

By the way, if the borrower still doubts in his eligibility for a personal loan, then it makes sense for him to take advantage of the Fast Checker feature.

It will enable the borrower to get a clear indication of the probability that his loan application would be accepted.

Moreover, it will show an approximate rate for the loan.

Key Advantages of Applying for USPS Employees

  • Great flexibility over early repayment: The borrower will be greatly delighted by the fact that he will not face a penalty fee for paying all of part of his loan ahead of time. Moreover, if he overpays, he can have his loaned shortened or cut his remaining monthly repayments. The latter option is considered to be more affordable.
  • Eligibility checker: Just like most lenders, those using such a financial product can count on a clear indication as to their probability of being approved before they apply for it.
  • Next day funding facility: The borrower’s loan may be transferred the next day. However, as a rule, lenders don’t make it clear when exactly it’s available. One should note that most lenders are reluctant to transfer money outside of office hours.
  • Instant decisions: It’s clear that an average borrower doesn’t want to be kept waiting. Fortunately, in most cases, he can get the desired decision on his loan within seconds.
  • Attractive interest rates:Such loans are also known for their affordability. So, here, the borrower can count on one of the cheapest rates.


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