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What Oculus Thinks the Rift Experience Looks Like

Summary: Oculus's view of the "Rift Experience" requires several parts beyond a headset, a tracker, a PC and some games.

This picture of Oculus’s booth at an upcoming gaming conference is demonstrative.

Oculus conference setup

I am assuming this setup was carefully picked out, because I assume the team at Oculus has a vision for how people are going to consume this. Let’s examine in detail:

There’s a pretty significant difference between the environment Oculus wants people to enjoy the Rift in, and the environment people have been so far.

Oculus at a desk

To be clear, most environments I’ve seen clip the tracker to the top of a laptop/monitor, and position the user at a desk. This is also necessary because most demos are started from a computer, using the keyboard and mouse as the inputs.

This is a far cry from the idealized environment at the conference above, so it’s interesting to look at what’ll need to change to get us from here to there.

To conclude, Oculus thinks “the experience” entails much more than just the headset and some software. I’m betting that Oculus will make announcements about the periphery soon.