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This is Twenty Milliseconds, a site documenting what works and what doesn't in virtual reality design.

About This Site

This site aims to accomplish for virtual reality what Jakob Nielsen accomplished for websites, with This should be your go to resource for:

This is very new and very much in flux, and I don’t want to promise too much, but this is the current plan. Stay tuned for more!

What does “Twenty Milliseconds” mean?

The killer feature for virtual reality systems is “immersion”, or the feeling that you’re actually “in” the space being presented in front of your head. The key to this is ensuring the UI updates to show you new information when your head moves. Naturally there’s a little bit of time (latency) between when your head moves and when the UI updates - the software has to recognize the movement, render a new frame, etc. The maximum acceptable latency for this movement is twenty milliseconds, a very tough engineering target to hit. Hence, the name of this site.

About the Author


Kevin Burke is a former engineer at Twilio, living in San Francisco, CA. Kevin once accidentally left a showing of Waiting for Godot at the intermission.

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